Remember the time your best friend got a new bicycle in elementary

school? Remember the time someone else took the girl you wanted to take to the

Prom? Remember when your neighbor bought a house on the lake and you couldn’t

afford to do the same? How did you feel? Were you happy for them, or were you

jealous?  The funny thing about jealousy is that it does nothing to harm

the person who actually got the benefit for which we are jealous. It only

affects us. It makes us grumpy, unlikable, and discontent.  If we truly

love others, the way that God commands us to, we will never be guilty of

envy. 1Corinthians 13 teaches us that love does not envy.  As we all

know, envy is what lead Cain to kill Abel.  Can you imagine killing your

own brother because of envy; Because you could not be happy about something

good happening for them?  If we truly believe in the teachings of the

bible, we will realize that this life is temporary.  In the end, there

will be no room or need for jealously.  At that time, all of God’s

children will have the same reward, and all of the earthly possessions will

pass away.  However, jealously in this life can keep us forever experiencing

that level of “equality”.


Action Item:  Today, think of someone who has recently had good

fortune, or has achieved some kind of success.  Give them a call and let

them know how proud and happy you are for them.