“The Attraction of Sin”

“The Attraction of Sin”



Sin can be fun. There is now doubt, sin is very attractive.

However, the joy is short-lived. After the short period of enjoyment, reality

sets in, guilt appears, and we realize the price that is or will be paid for

the action.  I am sure the fruit on the tree in the Garden was very

beautiful to Eve, but, was it that much more beautiful than the other

fruit?  Do you think that Eve thought of the consequences of her

actions?  Usually, at the time we don’t think of the result. That is why

we need to plan and not put ourselves in that situation. Now I am sure that all

of Joseph’s friends would have laughed at him when he “ran” from

Potiphar’s wife. However, Joseph realized that he was human, and that Satan was

a powerful source. Second Timothy 2 tells us to “flee” youthful

lusts.  That is exactly what Joseph did, he ran.  Can you think of a

time when you were tempted, gave in, and then felt guilty?  Think of how

Peter felt after denying Christ and then heard the crowing of the

rooster.  Judas felt so bad for betraying Christ, that he went out and

hanged himself.  Guilt can destroy us, but thanks to Jesus, we can hand

that guilt over to him, and change our lives.  Remember, sin is

attractive, but the “wages of sin is death”. 


Action Item:  Think of something today that tempts you, and then

devise a plan to avoid or handle the temptation once it appears.