The shooting in Las Vegas a few years ago was tragic.  What a

senseless act of violence against innocent people who were just enjoying a concert. 

It is impossible to understand irrational behavior, and what state of mind one

would have to be in to do such a brutal thing.  As per usual, the media

immediately began the blame game.  One said it was because of the

conservative nature of the country music fans, one said it was because we need

more stringent gun control laws, another blamed it on the overall political

situation at this time.  Few have blamed the fact that the man was just

committing a sin, and his heart was in control of Satan.  Just as in the

beginning, Adam blamed Eve because she ate of it first.  Eve blamed the

serpent.  One major problem in today’s society is that so many do not want

to be accountable and take responsibility for their own actions. 

Romans 14:10-12 states “For we will all stand before the judgment seat

of God. So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.”  It

does not say that we will explain to God who or what made us sin, or why our

life situation made us sin. It says that we will give an account of our own

actions.  There will be no blame game.  Let’s look at our lives and

accept responsibility for our own actions.  Unless we do that, we will

never be in the right relationship with God.


Action Item:  Think of something in your life for which you blame others or some

situation.  Think of how your attitude will help you deal with the

situation, and accept responsibility for either the cause of it, or how you

respond to it.