RESOLUTIONS: Intentions don’t count

RESOLUTIONS: Intentions don’t count


Things that control our lives:

money, friends, food, shelter, schedules, time. There is only one of these

items that we can’t get more of if we lose it or don’t use it-time .

Procrastination is a thief of time- Don’t waste time, it is most valuable and

you have direct control of how you use it. God tells us what we must do to join

him in heaven-don’t focus your attention on things that doesn’t promote you

going to heaven-there is not enough time. James tells us in chapter 4, don’t wait to do what ought to be done.

There is no guarantee of even tomorrow.


is absolutely no power in intentions .


is really no difference in a person who intends to do things differently than


who never thinks about it. The results are the same.


you give yourself credit for intentions? 

It is easy for us to give ourselves credit for things we intend to do

and even take them off your mental “to do list”. You must take action,

intending to do something doesn’t give you any more hope than one who never

thought about Gods word.


yourself to be a doer of your intentions.