How many times have you said,

“If I just had more money?” or “If I just had that House.”

of “If I just had that job, I would be happy”. ?? While it is human

nature to want a better situation, it is not natural to be unhappy until you

get it.  Adam and Eve had a wonderful situation. They had happiness, no

illness, the most beautiful rivers called the Tigris and the Euphrates, fertile

soil, and all the food they would ever need. There was one thing that they

could not have, and that was the fruit on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and

Evil.  It was beautiful fruit, but they had other beautiful fruit.

 But the serpent created the thought of discontentment. He told them that

if they ate of it, they would see the same things that God saw.  We live

in a world where people struggle to be content.  One man wants another

wife, so he leaves his family.  A woman wants a nicer outfit, so she lifts

it from the department store.  Someone else wants more money so he commits

fraud on the job to get ahead.  It’s all a result of not finding

contentment in our lives. Paul said in Philippians  4:11  that he had learned that

whatever state he is in, that he has found contentment.  While I have not

mastered it, I do find that the older I get, the more content I am. Not that I

have more, but I have changed my perspective.  I do not know one person

that has achieved happiness by acquiring more stuff or putting more money in

the bank.  Contentment comes from a state of mind that the most important

things in this life are of a spiritual nature. When and only when, we realize

this, will we live a life of contentment.  


Action Item: Make a mental list of the most important people in your

life and do something special for them today, even if it is a simple call to

tell them how important they are to you.