We all know the

story of Adam and Eve.  We typically identify this story with the first

sin and the “fall” of mankind.  While this is true, there are so

many lessons we can learn from this story. This week, we will discuss this

story and how we can use their mistakes to make us stronger today.  The

topics we will discuss are temptation, contentment, blame, jealousy, the

attraction of sin, and hiding from God.


    It isn’t surprising how the Serpent

tempted Eve. He simply made her question the commands of God.  He made Eve

question whether or not God really said what he did.  “Did God really

say “don’t eat of this specific tree”? After she said that He

said she would die, the serpent said “You will not surely die”.

 This is all that Eve needed to eat the beautiful fruit. Sure, it looked

appealing and desirable, but she had so many other options.  Isn’t this

just like us?  We have so many good things, but we want what someone else

has.  We justify and convince ourselves that “I am entitled to

it” and the “consequences won’t be that bad”.  Then, we

give in, and want someone else to be guilty with us.  What would have been

the result if Eve had just run away from the serpent? Sure he would have hit

her up again, but she would have gained strength from the first event. The next

time would possibly have been a little easier.  Eventually, after many

times of declining Satan’s temptation, perhaps he would have left her alone.

 James says in Chapter 4, verse 7, if we resist the Devil, he will flee

from us.  Many of us have an escape plan for bad weather, or a fire.

 We need to make a plan to avoid or escape whatever tempts us.

Action Item:   If you have been struggling with a

Sin, write down when you are tempted, what situation creates that

temptation, then devise a plan to avoid or escape when it appears?