”The Book of Sacrifices”

”The Book of Sacrifices”



      The third book in the Pentateuch is called Leviticus because it relates principally to the Levites and priests and their services. The book is generally held to have been written by Moses.   Leviticus is filled with the meticulous procedures for sacrifices and the duties of the Levites. 

The offerings that were given by the Jews to God differed in what was offered and who received the offering.   The burnt-offerings had regard to God as in himself the best of beings, most perfect and excellent. This offering was wholly burnt as an expression of adoration.  However, the peace-offerings had regard to God as a benefactor of his creatures, and the giver of all good things to us; and therefore these were divided between the altar, the priest, and the owner. 

Today we too have sacrifices to the Lord.  In Romans 12:1 we find Paul instructing the sacrifice offered by Christians.  “…present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God.”  We give ourselves as a sacrifice to God.  Ours is an intelligent service, not that of hands, not consisting of ceremonies which the body could perform, but a deep-reaching principle. This was for man personally.  As to his outward relationships, he was not to be conformed to the world.  Because we are reasoning beings, we must search out to find that which is acceptable to God.

Are we as God’s people seeking out that which pleases Him?  Where would we seek for His will?

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