”So Much Blood”

”So Much Blood”



      Leviticus 5-7 relates the procedures for a sin offering.  We can see that this offering involved the blood of the animal.  Specific handling of the blood is given that no one could misunderstand how important the blood was.

      History reveals to us that the blood of the sacrifice was collected in a horn or cone shaped vessel.  The vessel was designed in such a way that it could not be set down without the spilling of the blood.  Therefore, when the priest procured the blood he had to watch over it with great care lest it be spilled and become useless.

      Today we have somewhat of the same situation.  When we put on Christ is baptism, we take up His blood.  Through our everyday life we cannot set down the blood to do something that would be unbecoming to a Christian.  Once we have taken up the Christian life, we cannot stop being a Christian at any time.  If we set down the blood it will no longer be the cleansing force in our lives and we sink back into sin.

      Ask yourself today, “Have I put the blood of Christ away from myself that I might take part in some ungodly activity?”  We can be sure that Christ will not suspend our salvation due to His lack of diligence and neither should we “stop” being a Christian for any worldly reason.

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