“Spiritually Bankrupt”

“Spiritually Bankrupt”



In his book, Celebration of Discipline, minster Richard Foster tells the story of the first church that he worked with. He describes how for the first three months he was there, he worked and worked pouring out his soul into his ministry and at the end of the three months – there was barely any change. He attributed this to the fact that he and the church were spiritually bankrupt. There was a lack of deep spiritual growth and the spirit working in their lives. For the problem to be fixed and Foster to lead the congregation to growth, he himself had to grow first.

This week we will be looking at spiritual disciplines that can help us grow deeper to appreciate and love God on a new level. That’s what David was talking about when he wrote the 42nd Psalm – growing deeper with God! Whether you are 5, 50, or 105 we can all learn to fill up more on God spirit and less on the things of this world. So this week our goal is to fill up on buckets on practical ways to get out of spiritual bankruptcy.



Look up what it means to be bankrupt. How does this process help someone who needs help? What is the spiritual application of this?


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