“I Declare Bankruptcy!”

“I Declare Bankruptcy!”



Declaring bankruptcy is way more than just a statement. It involves understanding that you cannot fix the problem on your own. Richard Foster describes it as Paul did with sowing and reaping. In order to sow and reap we must first break up the ground. This is our hearts. We have to understand that we are broken and need God’s spirit in our lives. Next comes putting God’s spirit in our lives. So, the question comes – what does this look like? What does it look like to have God’s spirit in us? Here are some tips:

1.      Getting into God’s word

2.      Getting into God’s work

3.      Getting into God’s will

Think about farming – even after planting the seed it is still up to nature to allow the

plant to grow.  This force in our spiritual lives is God’s grace. We can’t grow by ourselves – but with God’s grace we can. He will water that spirit of growth allowing us to grow closer to him.



Discuss how, as a family, you can accomplish these 3 tasks.


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