“I Will Call Upon the Lord”

“I Will Call Upon the Lord”



Samuel 21-22

                One of my

favorite songs to lead when conducting devotionals of chapel is “I Will Call

Upon the Lord”.  Notice the lyrics; in

fact, you might rather sing them to yourself:

“I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised.

So shall I be saved from my enemies…

I know the Lord live’th and blessed be the Rock and let the

God of my salvation be exalted!

I know the Lord live’th and blessed be the Rock and let the

God of my Salvation be exalted!

I will call upon the Lord….”

It may or may not surprise you, but the writer of that song was David.  He penned those words, along with many others,

as a song to praise God for His deliverance He had offered to David and the

Israelites.  The one thing that stands

out in my mind about the song is the willingness of David to attribute all his

victories to God.  David had endured a

great deal of hardship in his lifetime, but he had also enjoyed a good bit of

blessings.  So instead of basking in his

own glory and seeking praise from men, he wanted us to be assured that all the

credit for God’s blessings come from Him. 

So often we want to claim credit for things we have done, allowing us to

feel pretty good about ourselves.  Yet,

it isn’t ours to take credit for, it was the Lord.   As you go throughout your day today, make a

concerted effort to give glory to God for all the good in your life, because He

is worthy to be praised!