“A Pair of Moccasins”

“A Pair of Moccasins”



Samuel 23-24

A doctor was working in a remote area of Minnesota

many years ago when a Native American family begged him to come and help their

elderly grandmother who was gravely ill. He went, diagnosed her condition, and

then gave them detailed instructions for her care.

The woman recovered, and a few weeks later the

entire family made the journey to the doctor’s office in town. They

ceremoniously presented him with a 150-year-old pair of moccasins made by a

great-great-grandfather. When the doctor protested because the gift was

cherished and valuable, the head of the clan replied, “You saved my

mother’s life. We insist that you accept these moccasins. We do not express

great appreciation with a cheap gift.”

We see this same principle in 2 Samuel 24. David

was told to offer a sacrifice to God on land owned by Araunah. As king, he

could have taken the piece of land and the animals to make the sacrifice, but

instead he purchased them. Araunah offered to give David what he needed, but

David said he would not “offer burnt offerings to the Lord . . . with that

which costs [him] nothing” (v.24).

By definition, a sacrifice has a cost. So, when you

give to the Lord, give generously. —David C. Egner


What shall I give You, Master?

You have redeemed my soul;

My gift is small but it is my all—

Surrendered to Your control. —Grimes