“Every Second Counts”

“Every Second Counts”


I remember some of the greatest years of my life

were spent as a child, as a member of the church Bible Bowl team. We were good,

no, we were very good! We went month after month after month either winning or

placing second among our local churches. The winner got to keep a banner until

the next Bible Bowl. We would hang that banner with pride in the front of the

auditorium, knowing that our hard work and study had paid off. The banner

didn’t have Bible Bowl Champion stamped across the front. In fact, it didn’t

even say anything about the Bible Bowl. It was simply a portion of Solomon’s

words in Ecclesiastes 12.1 “Remember now thy Creator in the days of your

youth..” At the time the only thing those words meant to me was “we win”.

However, today, they hold a great deal more value to my heart. As I get older I

understand them more and more, noticing how fast time is fleeting away from me.

I have been so blessed in my life to have never been able to remember a time

when God was not a major factor in my life. However, there are those that have

not been so blessed. The older I get, the more I realize all the time that they

have wasted in living for self. Even as you read this devotional thought for

the day, precious seconds are passing by, seconds that you will never see or

grasp again. Remember God now- especially if you are young- so you can live out

the rest of your life as ministry to Him. For the rest of you, as Paul tells

the church at Ephesus “making the best use of your time, for the days are evil”

(Ephesians 5.16). Either way, you need to make God a major factor in your life

before it is eternally too late. Have you been remembering your Creator? If

not, start the process as soon as you can, and remember every second counts.


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