One of the most effective tools that Satan has

within his tool box doesn’t involve cursing God, worshipping Satan or even

getting us to do bad things. In fact, the most effective tool that the Devil

has is distraction. He knows that any reasonable person can see that there is a

God and the He is coming back to the earth to judge us according to how we have

handled ourselves while here. But if he can just distract us for just a moment,

we just might let our guard down, giving him an advantage. He tried this

strategy on Jesus while He was fasting in the desert for forty days and nights.

Satan knew if he could get Jesus to just get a little discombobulated, he might

have a chance. So, Satan sought to distract Jesus by appealing to His physical

side. “I bet you must be hungry?” he said. “I bet you could go and make these

stones bread, couldn’t you?” Any one of us would have lost our focus and made

us some bread, but Jesus did not allow Himself to get distracted. When we think

about it, it is scary just how much damage can be done in seconds if we allow

ourselves to lose focus. That is why Paul encourages us to “be steadfast,

immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord…” (1Corinthians 15.58). You

know how he works, you have been distracted before. How did he get you? Your assignment

for the day; make a list of how Satan has distracted you in the past and use

that list to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.


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