“You Have Been Here Long Enough”

“You Have Been Here Long Enough”


BIBLE READING: Deuteronomy 1-2

  “I will start my new diet tomorrow.”

“When things slow down, I begin that new exercise program”

“This will be the last time I do this, after this one time I will never do it again.”

“I’m going to wait till the semester is over before I begin getting back involved at church.”

“I am so busy with work and the kids; we just don’t have time to go to church on Wednesday.  We will start back again after the season”

                How many times have we all said something along those lines?  We all want that better lifestyle, that better body, that more productive Christian life and in our minds, we will achieve it, it will just happen later.  The children of Israel knew that at some point they would go into the Promise Land.  God had already given it to them, but because of their disobedience they had to wander in the wilderness.  Now it is time for them to make their entrance.  God says to the nation in Deuteronomy 2.3, “you have been traveling around this mountain long enough…”.  Today, we all have a life that we have imagined for ourselves that is better than the one we have now.  Whether it is a better body, a healthier lifestyle, a more devout study and prayer life or just being a more productive Christian, we all want and even know what changes need to be made to achieve that better life.  Yet, our problem is that we keep putting it off until a more convenient time.  Church, it is never going to be easy to live healthier, stop an addiction, be a better Christian; if it was, we would all be doing it.  Stop putting off till tomorrow; we have been at this mountain long enough!  Go and be the person that you and God want you to be; be the best version of you that you can be.