“Would You Be One?”

“Would You Be One?”



The prophets frequently compared the city of Jerusalem to the city of Sodom. God destroyed Sodom for its wickedness. God would have spared the city if Abraham could have found 10 righteous people. They weren’t there. How many would have saved Jerusalem from a similar judgment? only one (Jer. 5:1). Jeremiah searched in poor neighborhoods, in the area of the leaders, but he found no one righteous and following Gods way. People of Jerusalem had turned completely away from God. Sin had crept into their lives to a point where they weren’t even ashamed of their sinful ways; nothing embarrassed them (Jeremiah 6:15). Paul used similar words in Eph. 4: 17-19 when talking to the Christians in Ephesus who had fallen away. Their hearts where hardened and they didn’t even recognize evil.

  Does one just wake up one morning and find themselves this deep in sin? Maybe we start out with “G” rated movies and progress to “X” (we fool ourselves about how this form of entertainment influences us). Maybe we put ourselves in situations that we know we can’t handle (alcoholics don’t go to a bar for a glass of tea). Maybe we Google too much into dark areas.  Maybe our zeal to be entertained has become an obsession we can’t handle.   

By God’s standard, do you think we have cities today in America that would fail? Are they morally better or even worse than Sodom? How would they compare to Jerusalem? If Jeremiah were to search our city would he find enough Christians living their lives to please God to save the city from destruction? Would you be one? If not, ask yourself what changes do you need to make in your life?

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