“Who Are You?”

“Who Are You?”



     On one occasion when Paul was preaching

the gospel in the city of Ephesus, a certain group of vagabonds sought to

emulate Paul by taking it upon themselves to cast out a demon. When these men

sought to do such, the evil spirit turned on them and said, “Jesus I know, and

Paul I know; but who are you?” ( Acts

19:15 ).

     “Who are you?” This is such a simple

question, yet profound at the same time. In its most simple form, we usually

answer that we are such and such who works here and lives there. For most, that

is the extent to which they desire to know who we are; but are we personally

satisfied with knowing ourselves in such a superficial manner? I hope not.

There is so much more that we ought to know about ourselves than what our name

is and where we work.

     “Who are you?” When we seek to answer this

question in a deeper way, we may start examining some of the relationships that

we have and looking at ourselves in light of those relationships. “I am a

husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, uncle,

aunt, cousin, in-law” and on the list could go. We may even start to enumerate

the relationships we have outside of our family. “I am a boss, employee,

teacher, carpenter, engineer, preacher, chef, administrator, assistant,” and

etc. Yet even at this level, we are still just scratching the surface as to who

we are.

     “Who are you?” Let’s plunge even deeper to

find the answer to this question. We may, in answer to this question, start to

discuss some of our character traits, whether good or bad. “I am honest,

dependable, hardworking, kind, generous, truthful, loving, clean, sober,

helpful” and etc. Others may look at us though and have a different way of

describing us. They may say, “He is deceitful, untrustworthy, lazy, mean,

hateful, stingy, dirty, selfish” and etc. The kind of list we make depends upon

the kind of life that we live and the kind of life that we live depends upon

the beliefs that we have. But still, while we are getting deeper into this

question, there is yet more.

     “Who are you?” When we strip away all that

we think of ourselves and that everyone else thinks of us, there is only one

answer with which we are left. “I am the creation of God.” The Bible teaches

that man is made in the image of God ( Genesis

1:27 ). This means that he is a unique and

special creation out of all of God.


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