“Turn To Him”

“Turn To Him”


“I wish I had never been born,” Job said to his

friends. “I wish that my birthday was just wiped off of the calendar as though

it never happened.” Who could blame him? The loss that he had endured in mere

moments had been catastrophic. Job had experienced a wonderful life until that

day, when all he had known changed. I know that many people have endured tragic

losses, but Job’s defeat seems unfathomable. Isn’t it ironic that, although

Job’s comments brought him so much pain, they can bring us so much joy?

My mother always taught me that, no matter how

bad I may think things are, someone else always is suffering more than I am.

Not only does that help us to feel that we are not alone in our depression, but

it gives us that hope for what is to come. Job’s story helps us to learn to

appreciate the blessings that we have today! Job was not in control of his

circumstances, but he was in control of his reaction to those circumstances.

When Job was hurting, he turned to the only One who could heal his pain. Are

you hurting today over some incident, maybe a financial problem or even some

tragic news concerning a loved one? Have you turned to God about it yet? Don’t

allow your circumstances to control you; allow Him to control you through your



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