“Trust God”

“Trust God”



                In 2 Samuel 22-23, we find David running from Saul.  In 22:1 David gives credit to God for delivering him from the hands of his enemies.  It is interesting to note that King Saul could not find David.  This brings to mind two great truths.


1)       With all his resources, Saul could not find David.  Saul was the king and had everything at his disposal.  He had the army, advisors, spies, and those who disliked David as much as he did, but he couldn’t find him.  David also had help to elude the king.  He had the resources of God, the king of the universe.  There was no contest here and David was aware of that, prompting him to praise God for all He did to help him.

2)       When David was in the cave, he had the opportunity to kill Saul, but he didn’t.  He said Saul was the anointed of God and he could do him no harm.  In 2 Samuel 1, David is talking with an Amalekite who said that he had killed Saul.  David’s comment to the man was, “How was thou not afraid to put forth thy hand to destroy Jehovah’s anointed?”  David respected Saul because God had made him king.  It is unfortunate that Saul didn’t return that respect.

                In 2 Samuel, we learn to trust God in everything and have respect for what God has put in place, and if we follow Him we too will be called people after God’s own heart.


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