“True Forgiveness”

“True Forgiveness”



Many preachers today are asked to preach

on forgiveness. Most usually focus on the theme that people who are forgiven

must be forgiving. If we do not appreciate God’s forgiving us, we have little

motivation for forgiving others. Forgiven believers with grateful hearts

readily express kindness and compassion for others.

Many Bible passages, like Psalm 103,

show us that God is forgiving, loving, compassionate, and gracious, and we can

imitate our heavenly Father, treating people with compassionate, gracious love.

Kindness, compassion, and forgiveness are inseparable. We can’t be very kind to

someone whom we haven’t forgiven. We won’t show compassion until we grow aware

of how much we’ve experienced God’s love and compassion. As Jesus’ followers,

we’re called to share the love that he has shown for us. Doing so builds healthy

relationships, honors our Creator, and grows his king­dom.

Today work on your FLCG: Be more

Forgiving, Love those around you, show your Compassion for Christ, and above

all be Gracious for the many gifts God has blessed you with.