“Thinking About God”

“Thinking About God”




about God – sounds like a great thing to do right? On a daily basis, do we

think about God? I understand that most decisions we make should be based on

our relationship with God, but outside of our Bible readings and prayer times –

do we spend time just thinking about God. One great method of this is

memorizing scripture. Find a Bible verse and work on memorizing it for the next

day or so. When you get frustrated at work or home – see how much of it you can

recite. When you feel anger towards others, go back to that verse. Meditation

doesn’t have to take place on a hilltop somewhere with your head shaved – it

happens in between your ears. This is a practical way to get out of spiritual bankruptcy.





at least one Bible verse in 24 hours. Recite it tomorrow with your family.



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