“The Voice of the Nature of God”

“The Voice of the Nature of God”


DISCUSSION: When we talk

about the call of God, we often forget the most important thing, namely, the

nature of Him who calls. There are many things calling each of us today. Some

of these calls will be answered, and others will not even be heard. The call is

the expression of the nature of the One who calls, and we can only recognize

the call if that same nature is in us. The call of God is the expression of

God’s nature, not ours. God providentially weaves the threads of His call

through our lives, and only we can distinguish them. It is the threading of God’s

voice directly to us over a certain concern, and it is useless to seek another

person’s opinion of it. Our dealings over the call of God should be kept

exclusively between ourselves and Him.

The call of God is not a reflection of my nature; my personal desires

and temperament are of no consideration. As long as I dwell on my own qualities

and traits and think about what I am suited for, I will never hear the call of

God. But when God brings me into the right relationship with Himself, I will be

in the same condition Isaiah was. Isaiah was so attuned to God, because of the

great crisis he had just endured, that the call of God penetrated his soul. The

majority of us cannot hear anything but ourselves. And we cannot hear anything

God says. But to be brought to the place where we can hear the call of God is

to be profoundly changed.

“Let me hear Your voice”—that is my prayer. I am willing beyond all my

expression to hear You, to perceive You, to be thrilled with Your presence.


Discuss ways in which we hear the call of God today.