“The Paper Boy”

“The Paper Boy”




There is a short story that is told about a young paper boy. It’s said

that an older man was on his way to work one morning and he heard this young

voice calling out, “Morning Paper, Get Your Morning Paper.” It was a cold rainy

day in November and as he looked up, he saw this thinly clad young boy,

shivering in a doorway, soaked to the skin. He had no shoes and watched as he

would lift one foot and press it against his leg to get a little warmth and

then the other one. Every few minutes he would call out “Morning Paper, Get

Your Morning Paper.”


Now the man was well protected by his coat and his umbrella and he

stopped to buy the early edition. And he said to the paper boy, “This kind of

weather is pretty hard on you, isn’t it?” Looking up with a smile, the

youngster replied, “I don’t mind too much. The sun will shine again.”


What a picture of a Christian life! Chilling winds of adversity and gray

skies of a sinful environment can easily discourage us. But we can always count

on better days because we know God is working in our lives. How fitting that

this hope is called an “anchor of our souls”!


I read a story about a man in his mid-sixties who had a massive stroke.

It left him paralyzed on his right side and he could no longer make

conversation. He was a good Christian man who loved his family and his God.

Often times he would communicate with people using body language. In middle

Tennessee he enjoyed his country music. One of his all-time favorite songs was

about the little paper boy Jimmy Brown. It went something like this:  I sell the morning paper sir, my name is Jimmy

Brown. Everybody knows that I’m the news boy of the town. I can’t remember how

the rest of it went except that Little Jimmy had no hat upon his head or shoes

upon his feet.  — We

must learn to enjoy the simple things of life and remain faithful to our God.


1 Corinthians 3:13  says,  “Hope Abides.”


Titus 1:2 ,  “a faith and knowledge resting on the hope of

eternal life, which God who does not lie, promised before the beginning of



1 Peter 1:3 ,  “It is a living hope, founded on the resurrection

of Jesus from the dead.”


Are you a prisoner of circumstances beyond your control? Do the

pressures of life sometimes overwhelm you?  Remember ,  Jesus died for you . He is working in you and will never leave you. Hold fast to God’s

promises and patiently endure. Just like our little Paper Boy, the anchor of

hope will hold you firm.


It has been said many times, “ It is always darkest just before dawn.”