“Thank You”

“Thank You”



I don’t know Dennis Jernigan and

chances are neither do you. He is a noted songwriter of many of the songs that

we sing in our churches and devotionals. What you also don’t know is that prior

to 1981, Dennis was a practicing homosexual who was in a committed relationship

with another man. Someone introduced him to Jesus and he became a believer.

Today he is married and has nine children. I am not sure exactly when he penned

the lyrics to the song “For All That You’ve Done I Will Thank You”, but

something about the words in the chorus “thank You for loving and setting me

free” led me to understand this song on a deeper level than once before. God’s

word has the power to set us free from the bondage of sin, no matter the sin. I

have provided you the words to this song. Feel free to read them out loud to

yourself or sing them with all of your heart. We truly are blessed to have a

God that loves us go genuinely and deeply….Thank You, Lord! “For all that

You’ve done I will thank You. For all that You’re going to do. For all that

You’ve promised and all that You are, and all that You’ve carried me through.

Jesus, I thank You! Thank You for loving and setting me free. Thank You for

giving Your life just for me, oh I thank You. Jesus I thank You! Gratefully thank

You…Thank You!”