September 5

September 5



a child, I remember on Friday night I would sit as close as I could to the

television while watching my favorite show: “The Dukes of Hazard.” One of my

favorite characters was Sherriff Rosco P. Coltrane. In almost every episode, he

would jump into his squad car, pick up his CB radio, and say”I’m in a hot

pursuit!” He certainly wanted to catch the Duke boys! Have you ever wanted

something so badly, that is was all you could think about? You went after it with

everything within your power. Maybe it was a new job, a promotion, a spot on

the team, a new contract, a person, a vacation, or a weight loss goal. Did you

give it your best? Focus all your energies on it? Think about it day and night?

Talk about it to whoever would listen? Devise a plan to get what you wanted and

GO AFTER IT? These are the kinds of things that we live for; they make life

worthwhile. They provide for us a sense of accomplishment. What if we put that

same amount of energy into our efforts to have that intimate relationship with

God? Just imagine the change such a pursuit would make within our lives. Our

prayer life, our spending habits, and the use of our commitment to the lost-

everything would change for the better! We find David’s explanation of what it

means to go after God when he writes, “My soul clings to you” (Psalm 63.8). The

Hebrew phrase “clings to “means to “follow close after” or “catch by pursuit.”

That sheds new light on our friend Rosco, doesn’t’ it? How hard are we going after

a deeper relationship with God? After today, I hope a little harder!

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