While Jesus was praying in the

Garden of Gethsemane, you know He could hear them coming. In Matthew’s account

he says that when they came, they brought with them a legion of soldiers, which

could have amounted to six thousand men (Matthew 26.52-53). When they seize

Jesus and I think we can use that word loosely, they “bound him” according to

John 18.12, and they bound Him” as they sent Him to Caiaphas. Funny isn’t it?

They are trying to tie up the hands of the Son of God with mere threads or at

the most, weak chains. It is almost laughable for us to try to imagine someone

thinking they can limit the ability or suppress the power of the King of Kings

with something so small. The strange thing is we can “bind up” the hands of

Jesus and limit Him in this world. When Jesus was sent to his home town, the

Bible says “He did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief”

(Matthew 13.58). Was it that He was just weak? No, their unbelief was

preventing Him from doing the things that He was sent here to do. How about our

unwillingness to forgive those who have wronged us? Matthew 18.21-35 makes it

clear that if we do not forgive others, He will not forgive us of our sins. We

can bind the hands of Jesus and prevent Him from doing the very thing He wants

to do. We think that it seems impossible to do, but in actuality, we are still

trying to bind the hands of Jesus today. Make sure that you submit everything

to Him so that we can allow Him to work effectively through us.