“Reverence & Worship”

“Reverence & Worship”


BIBLE READING: Numbers 3-4

       The sons of Kohath were appointed to carry the articles that were the furnishings of the tabernacle. But their access was limited, they were only to come after the articles had been covered by the sons of Aaron the priest. We are told that if the Kohathites touched the holy things when they were not covered, they would die. The same was true if they went in to watch these articles being covered and happened to see them.

There is no question that much was hidden and clouded in mystery under the Old Covenant. The strong impression left on the people of God was that there was to be great reverence attached to the worship of God. Worship and access to God are so different today living under the New Covenant that we often misunderstand the freedom God has given us. We seem to think that reverence is no longer important. After all Jesus is our friend, right?

It is true that the sacrifice of God the Son was so broad and sufficient that it has redeemed us once and for all. Any man, woman, or child can humble themselves before God Almighty and find forgiveness through the name of Jesus. Because of His redemption we will spend eternity basking in His wonder-filled presence. And it is also true that through Jesus Christ our case is quite different from that of the Kohathites. Not only do we not fear death when we draw near, but we are encouraged to come boldly to the throne of grace. We have been granted both worship and access. Based on these great truths, how much more should we come in deep and humble reverence before our great and holy God.

                                                                                                                                                                                -Ed Rea