“Put Your Trust and Your Life in God and His Inspired Word”

“Put Your Trust and Your Life in God and His Inspired Word”


     Are there times when you don’t like what the Bible says? Are there times you wish it would say more? Are there times when you just have to admit that, from your point of view, the pages of Scripture seem unfair? If that is the case, how do your feelings translate to how you deal with your reading?

The Bible is no fairy tale. It’s not Disney. It’s not absolutely permissive. Its truths are striking and transforming. The law of the Lord challenges us to be holy. The love of God motivates us to be holy. Christianity is not a pie in the sky experience all the time. If you are going to take God at His word then there are going to be some moments when you will not initially like what the Bible is calling you to do.

When we read something that troubles us, our respect for the authority of God’s inspiration is going to matter a great deal. Biblical exploration takes on a great journey towards truth. It’s a never-ending voyage which turns and twists throughout our lives down roads we have not yet traveled. God’s revelation happens with time and exposure. As we walk in it day after day we are being blessed in a greater measure by His perfect will. He expects us to take His hand on that journey and let Him lead. This means trusting when we can’t see where the road leads.   This means letting Him guide when we want to take a different path. This means keeping the commandments that are often difficult to keep.

Sometimes I take my dogs for a walk. Sometimes it seems as if they are trying to take me on that walk! They fight the leash. They try to pull. They choke themselves on their collar when they are determined to go away that is different than the way I am guiding them. But when they calmly walk and trust there is slack in the leash. They do not struggle. They do not frustrate me. They simply walk by my side and we enjoy the journey that goes through our neighborhood and eventually leads home. One thing I have noticed over the years: Puppies fight the leash more than mature dogs. Puppies are excitable and have no experience being led. They think they know what’s up. They think they can win by fighting. Mature dogs are just happy to be getting to go for a walk with their master. They’ve fought the leash enough to know who the Master is.

I am pretty sure that God wants us to trust Him. I am confident that he knows exactly what He is doing. When I read His word I admit it is not always easy to obey it. But in time I believe I will see that His path is the only path that leads me safely and peacefully home.

I see a lot of young Christians these days fighting with the pages of Scripture. For them and for all – including myself–I am praying. We are not supposed to read God’s word like a puppy on a walk.

APPLICATION: Discuss how following teachings of God’s word has resulted in a better life for you.

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This devo is used by permission from “A Legacy of Faith”