October 23

October 23



David is now king over Israel, he must have been reminiscing about all the good

times he had with his friend Jonathan. “Is there still anyone left of the house

of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”(2 Samuel 9.1). What

usually happened when a new king would take the throne, his first order of

business was to kill all the family of the previous king so that no one could

make a claim to the throne. David must have thought they were all gone, until

one servant brought up a man; the servant Ziba had taken one of the sons of

Jonathan and fled from the palace. In the process of fleeing, he dropped the

young boy causing him to become lame (2 Samuel 4.4). His name was Mephibosheth.

David has him brought immediately to him and has him eat at his table and

promises to restore all the land that Saul had possessed to him. He must have

told him stories of how he and Jonathan had been friends and the promise he had

made to him before he fled. Upon David’s restoring Mephibosheth to his place,

he fell on his face and said, “What is your servant, that you should show

regard for a dead dog such as I?” (2 Samuel 9.8). How Sad! How sad that this young

man saw himself as nothing more than a dead dog. What happened to this man as a

boy was certainly unfortunate, but it could only define who he was, if he

allowed it. Just think for a moment: it was feasible for him to have been in

line for the throne. Even if he wasn’t, he was destined to live out the rest of

his life in the luxury of the palace of the king, until his unfortunate event.

Now, due to the grace and generosity of David, Mephibosheth will once again

live out his days in the king’s palace. Truly one small act of kindness can

change a person’s whole outlook on life. So, whose outlook are you going to

change today?




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