“Exhausted, yet pursuing…” These are the words Samuel used to describe the efforts of Gideon and his 300 men in Judges 8:4. In chapter 7, Gideon started with a force of over 30,000. After he gave the men an opportunity to go home, only 10,000 remained. God still thought that was too many. He knew with Gideon’s leadership as a Judge and His power, the Israelites could have victory with much less force and much more God (John 3:30—He must become greater as I become less ). After the “dog lappers” went home, Gideon had a force of 300. You’re probably familiar with the rest of the story. After the trumpets, the jars, and the flames, God had His victory when His people followed directions.

In the words of Paul Harvey, here’s “the rest of the story.” Following the defeat of the Amalekites and Midianites, Gideon and his men pursued the enemy and drove them from the Promised Land, just as God commanded. God gave them a task. Although they were exhausted, they still pursued.

It what ways does accomplishing God’s tasks make you exhausted? Just because we get tired, does not mean we give up! Gideon is a great example of continuing to follow God even when we’re become tired. Let’s strive to be like Gideon: “Exhausted, yet pursuing…”


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