When I

think about all the pain and sadness Naomi must have felt after losing her two

sons and her husband, I am amazed she found the strength to keep going.  Of course, she wasn’t alone. Ruth, the widow

of one of her sons, decided to stay with Naomi instead of leaving her alone.

She basically told Naomi, “No way am I leaving you!  I want to be a part of your people and to

worship your God.  We’ve got to stick

together!”  Ruth’s determination to stay loyal

to God and Naomi ended up changing their lives. 

They ended up back in Israel where God gave Ruth an amazing husband,

then a baby, and all that she and Naomi ever needed.  In fact, further down the family line came

King David, and eventually Jesus! 

Whenever you get tired of doing the right thing or feel like giving up,

think about Ruth.  She stayed firm in her

faith even when it was tough and God blessed her so much. Think about some

hardships you or your family has faced. What was the response? Did you appeal

to God for help or mercy? How did those situations end up? Let’s resolve to

trust in God’s plan for our lives and pray for the guidance and vision to see

it through.

September 9