“Modern Idolatry”

“Modern Idolatry”



Jeremiah lived in a world of cultures based on idolatry (Jeremiah10: 3-10). His own nation, Judah, was given over to idols during the reign of Manasseh and Amon, probably the period when Jeremiah was a boy. In fact, Jeremiah says that Judah had as many gods as it did cities (2:28). Also, each society around Judah worshipped many false gods.

Looking back on these religions from today’s perspective, we have a tendency to look at an idol as merely an object crafted of stone, wood or metal that worshipper’s bowed down to in hopes of receiving good fortune. But that is not really what an idol is. An idol is anything that we value more than we value pleasing God; it may control you, and it’s probably something you can’t let go of. It takes priority over all things.

What are some idols we have today?  Certainly work and possessions would qualify for many people, considering the addictive way they are pursued. We each know where our weaknesses are. We are the only ones who can correctly evaluate how much of an effect our desires have on our spiritual life. We have to be willing to make changes in our lives to ensure we are on the right path.

Jeremiah recognized the idols of his time for what they were-futile attempts to replace the true God. Do we sometimes pursue futility at a cost of our relation with God?

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