“Look in the Mirror”

“Look in the Mirror”



encourages us to be “doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving our own

selves” (James 1.22) He compares the “hearers only” as those who look at their

face in the mirror and immediately forget who they are, to a “doer of the Word”

who looks at the “perfect law, the law of Liberty”. Within the comparison James

has us “looking”, but the two words for looking are different! The first

looking in the mirror is defined as a glance, as though you just walked by a

mirror and caught a glance of yourself, then went immediately back to get a

better look. The second “looks” is defined as a serious gaze of the soul. Both

see the imperfection that exists, but only the second, are those that listen

and do take the time to fix what is wrong. Make sure you take a good long gaze

at your life today as you look into the “perfect law of liberty”, and then do




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