“Live Like You Are Dying”

“Live Like You Are Dying”



Tim McGraw

and I have had a love/hate relationship over the years.  You see, once I had a serious illness and my

sickness came at the same time as Tim McGraw’s hit song, “Live Like You Were

Dying.”  It seemed like every time I

turned on the radio that song was on and just reminded me of the scariness of

being sick.  Lucky for me, I had less

than serious but always sarcastic, co-workers that never miss a good

opportunity to get a laugh, no matter the situation.

Before I

left work for a week of treatment, my work friends gave me a little party.   I had told all of them how much I despised

the song, “Live Like You Were Dying.”  

That was my first mistake, letting them see a weakness.  So, when I was opening get well soon cards

from them, two of them were grinning like raccoons at a campsite.  I opened their card and immediately, Tim

McGraw belted out… “I went skydiving, I went rocky mountain climbin.”   I closed the card, song stopped and my

friends were literally rolling on the floor with laughter. 


their minds were warped and deranged and I questioned my choice of friends, I

knew deep down that it was their way of showing they cared about me.  How do you show you care for others?  In John 13:12-15 ,

Jesus shows how he

cares for others and sets an example for us to follow by washing the feet of his

disciples.  It was an act of love,

humility and service.   I’m not

suggesting you wash your friend’s feet, but there is probably something you can

do for them to let them know they are special to you.  Have you shown your friends how much you care

about them?


Send a

text to 3 people you care about and let them know they are special to you. 

The rest

of this week, we’ll look at some other lessons I learned from the song that I

loved to hate until I learned the love in the song.



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