“Humility in Leadership”

“Humility in Leadership”


Perhaps the most helpful and effective characteristic of

a good leader is Humility.  We have all seen Tyrants in the work place,

and we have most likely seen humble leaders as well.   In fact, it is

so important that the Bible lists this as a qualification to be an Elder of the

Lord’s church.  Titus 1:7 states that an elder must be “not

self-willed, not quick tempered”.  As a leader on the job, in our

businesses, or at home, there are some actions we can take to develop humility

as a leader.


Admit when you are wrong. 

Everyone makes mistakes. One measure of your success is how well you recover

from mistakes. Let others know you’re human, you don’t have all the answers and

you will partner with them to solve problems.


Put yourself in others shoes, and

allow them to offer suggestions.


Recognize others for a job well

done, or a good deed done.


Acknowledge when others have a

skill or strength that you don’t and allow them to use it.


Listen, we have 2 ears and one

mouth for a reason.

We see these traits in our Eldership as they let us all

lead in different ways.  God has given us all talents, and we all have

weaknesses.  It is difficult to admit to our children when we have made a

mistake, but what a lesson it teaches them.  As parents, we must remember

to encourage and reward our children when appropriate, not only discipline

them.  I know my children do the right thing much more often than the

wrong thing. Therefore, I should make sure that I let them hear my praise, more

than my discipline.  Application:   Read about the Crucifixion in Matthew 27:32 and

notice the humility of Jesus as he was Crucified.