“How is your Hearing?”

“How is your Hearing?”




The book of Zephaniah has only 53 verses, but Zephaniah refers to the “day of the Lord” 18 times. He warned his listeners to be silent in the presence of God (1:7). To listen to the warnings of repenting and being ready, for the day of the Lord is at hand. You will be judged.

Along the seacoast there are many threats to ships as they approach the rocks and reefs near shorelines. Foghorns are used night and day to warn the approaching ships of danger. Remarkably, seagulls choose these locations to build their nests, seemingly unbothered by the loud continuous horn warning blast.

It seems like in Zephaniah’s day, the people of Judah had grown deaf to the periodic warnings of the imminent shipwreck of their nation. It seems as though Gods every effort to help them make the changes needed in their lives was ignored. They were oblivious to Gods warning of danger ahead (3:1-7). 

Do we react in a similar way to Gods warnings? Do we ignore the foghorn warnings from God? Do we willfully ignore these warnings? The problems associated with bad choices, the feeling of shame from not doing things you should. Are we like the seagulls, unbothered by the foghorn warning blast?


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