“Honor God Through Your Daily Work”

“Honor God Through Your Daily Work”


The wise servant who follows his king’s

orders, earns the favor of the king. In addition, the servant who acts

shamefully by disrespecting the king earns his wrath. It is also true in the

workplace. Those who have learned to respect authority and follow orders

normally will progress and be promoted. Those who do their own thing will anger

their supervisors and could miss raises and promotions and could even lose

their jobs.

The Lord expects us to respect those in

authority over us. Without this honor and obedience, anarchy and rebellion will

set in and confusion and disorder will be the result. The Lord expects the

worker (servant) to honor his boss and work for him as unto the Lord. He also

expects the boss (master) to be kind to his workers and not threaten them. The

Lord is the one who will repay both master and servant (Ephesians 6:5-9).

We are to work with a submissive

spirit. Sometimes people who appear to be submissive are only “going

through the motions,” while, inwardly they are resenting their positions.

Of course, there are limits to submission; it should always be “as unto

the Lord.” As we submit to God first, He will resolve any problems

involving submission to others. God never expects us to submit to anything that

is immoral or contrary to His Word. If an authority were to ask us to lie for

them, we would have to refuse; but even then, we can refuse with a proper



Today try to be the wise servant who honors God with your actions at work or in

whoever you come in contact with.