“Help Others”

“Help Others”


BIBLE READING: 1 Samuel 18-20

This chapter presents an interesting shift in Israel’s regard from Saul to David. Saul’s initial enthusiasm for David quickly deteriorated into suspicion and fear, as David’s popularity and prominence in Israel grew. Every step upward for David seemed to be a step downward for Saul. Every attempt Saul made to squelch David’s popularity had the opposite effect, making him even more admired. Saul, instead of honoring his pledge to release David, decided to conscript him into full-time military service.

David had a gift from God for instilling loyalty in men. Many men wanted to come under his strong leadership. As David spoke with Saul, after defeating the giant Goliath, Jonathan watched and listened and was drawn to this brave and godly, young man from Bethlehem. David had confidence in his relationship with the Lord, but not in an egotistical way. He was just secure in who he was before God and what God had made him to be. Real men are still drawn to and want to be around a real man who is godly. Jonathan, as Saul’s son, was next in line for the throne, and could have been jealous of David’s increasing popularity, but instead he wanted to help David excel.

When we see someone with the same gifts we have, but more of them, are we willing to help that person become everything God wants them to be? The Accuser, Satan, wants us to become jealous and work against that person. But God wants us to serve and help others become all He desires them to be.

“LORD, make us, Your people, willing and able to help others become what You want them to be.”

                                                                                                                                                  -Ed Rea’s Devotionals