was truly a godly mother. Hannah was ridiculed daily by Peninnah for an issue

she had that was not her fault. Hannah believed in the power of prayer, and the

comfort it brought her. Hannah’s attitude when accused of drunkenness was that

of calmness and self-control and she answered with dignity though she had been

falsely accused. Hannah did not ask for vengeance on her adversary, nor did she

request a son for selfish reasons. Fervently, Hannah made a vow to the Lord to

give up her son to Him. After Samuel was born, it had been so easy for Hannah

to decide that giving up her son was too great a sacrifice, in spite of her

vow. It took deep spiritual conviction for her to take her son to be raised by

someone else. We can only imagine the uneasiness Hannah must have felt as she

left her infant son in the care of Eli and his two wicked sons (1 Samuel 2:12).

She followed through with her vow because she trusted the Lord for Samuels’s

future. 1 Samuel 1:24-28.


  Do we make vows to God when we are suffering

that are forgotten when our suffering leaves. Are we willing to let God have

control of our lives and our children?