”Handling Disease”

”Handling Disease”



Leviticus 14-15 deals not with the cure of leprosy, but with the ceremonies affecting the reception of the healed person back into the communion with the covenant people and his re-admission to the status that he formerly held in the community and within his family. These complicated rituals are admittedly very ancient and their appearance here is altogether consistent with their having been included here, at God’s command, by Moses himself. 

Medical knowledge was almost unknown at this time.  This meant that God had to warn the people about certain diseases and other uncleanness that the health of the nation might be protected.

     If God is concerned about our physical wellbeing, can we not see how much He is concerned with our spiritual wellbeing?  God, through the Bible, outlines how to cure our spiritual diseases.  “The fact that leprosy is dealt with so elaborately indicates that this particularly loathsome and intractable disease is to be regarded as a type of that indwelling sin in which all the ills and afflictions of mankind have their cause and origin.” (Allis)  Neither sin nor plague can be dealt with except  through God’s wisdom in the Bible.

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