“God’s Desire for us is Peace”

“God’s Desire for us is Peace”




  God sent Jesus, “The Prince of

Peace” to show us the way.  He guides our

feet in the way of peace.  (Luke

1:79)  We have peace with God through

Christ. (Romans 5:1)  We are responsible

for helping produce peace and we are blessed for doing so.  (Matthew 5:9) 

The Bible tells us that we are to allow Christ to dwell in us and rule

our lives.  Colossians 3:15 says, “Let

the peace of God dwell in your hearts.”

Only then, will we find life

more pleasant and beautiful; when we have found that inner peace.

If you struggle with peace,

remember we must change what we can, but we must learn to be at peace from

within, not from without.


In a self-evaluation, list some of the things about yourself that you have

learned to accept and be at peace with.