“Draw closer to God in meditation”

“Draw closer to God in meditation”




prayer, another way we can spend time alone with God is in meditation.  “Commune with your own heart upon your

bed, and be still.”  (Psalms

4:4)  Meditation gives us opportunity to

look into our lives and profit from our mistakes.  We can also reflect and meditate on all the

things God has done for us.  Meditate on

the record of God’s goodness to His people. 

This will help us to focus our thoughts on God’s ability to help us

rather than our inability to help ourselves. 

Read the Bible’s accounts of God’s goodness and meditate on them. Don’t

get caught up in the pace of life established by our society because of greed.

Get the world issues out of your mind. Meditate on the things that are

important in your life that will make you a better Christian.

When do you usually feel closer to God?


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