“Do You Love Your Family”

“Do You Love Your Family”



My grandfather

spent 3 and a half years fighting in WWII. He was one of many men who stormed the

beaches in the South Pacific. He was wounded in the leg and had malaria seven

times during the war. He had little to eat and drink and he thought about death

every day. He told me that the worst thing that happened to him was getting a

letter that his younger brother had been captured during the war in Europe. He loved

his brother. We all want to go to Heaven but how bad do we want our family to

go? How much do we love them? Do we take them to church on a regular basis so

they can grow in their faith? Do we teach them the scriptures so they can have

the knowledge they need? If they were physically sick, there is no amount of

money or time that would stop us from finding a cure for them. Let’s stop at

nothing to make sure they are spiritually well.




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