“Do the Best you can”

“Do the Best you can”





are always encouraged from youth to do the best you can at what you choose to

do. That is good advice, but we must be careful what we choose to do. Life is

full of choices. Making the right choice is not easy and many times the right

choice will not be the choice we make. So the question becomes “How do I make

better choices?” There is not a perfect way, but some things can help. Listen

more and talk less, notice the consequences of other people’s choices, don’t

put yourself in a place you can’t handle, keep your heart tender, don’t judge,

make sure you talk to God daily. If you don’t keep Him in your life daily, you

are not doing your best. Is this going to ensure you always make the right

choice? Absolutely not! God knew our lives would include bad choices and as we

see in 1 John chapter 1, He gave us a way to correct wrong choices.


      Is the biggest part of doing your best at

something, doing your best in making the choice of what to do? ( Psalms 25:12)

What man is he who fears

Jehovah? He shall teach him in the way that he shall choose .