The first few chapters of Exodus are filled with information about the events leading up to the exodus of the Hebrews from the land of Egypt.  To begin with, the Pharaoh that knew Joseph had died and a new Pharaoh had come to the throne not knowing of the greatness of Joseph and his God; this lead to a different viewpoint of the Jews.  The Jews had been so blessed by God that their numbers grew so massive that the Egyptians were afraid they might take over the country themselves or with the help of neighboring enemies.  This being the case, the Egyptians moved to reduce the numbers of the Jews by killing all newborn male babies.

Through the providence of God, Moses was saved by Pharaoh’s daughter from the Nile and raised as an Egyptian.  For the first forty years of Moses’ life he learned all the wisdom of Egypt.  During this time, he also learned he was actually a Hebrew and not an Egyptian.

Our heritage identifies our loyalty.  The account of Moses killing the Egyptian discloses Moses’ loyalty to the Hebrews.

The influences on our lives are great.  No one is unaffected by background.  Moses came under the influence of two distinct backgrounds.  He was reared in the Egyptian culture.  No doubt, the Egyptian environment had a strong influence on him, yet Moses was also influenced by his mother’s training.  She taught him that he was a Hebrew and told him of the faith of his ancestors.  This training was also a powerful influence on Moses.

The personal choice makes us what we become.  Though Moses was influenced by the Egyptian culture and the Hebrew faith, the responsibility of his life’s direction depended on his personal choice.  The record of Moses identifying with the Hebrews indicated his loyalty to the Lord.

Irrespective of a person’s background, whether good or bad, one must choose.  Each person is responsible.  Our daily actions will identify our loyalty.

What is your heritage?  Have you committed your life to the Lord?  If you have, your background should identify your loyalty.  With this background you will act on the behalf of the Lord.  If you have never committed your life to the Lord, you can begin your “religious roots.”  It is life’s best and most illustrious background.


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