“Be a Child”

“Be a Child”


Grow up! Be a child!


Yep. That’s exactly what Jesus was saying. It’s included in a discussion He was having about humility. But why? Unlike adults, children have no illusions of being in control. All the adults around them are taller, bigger, and stronger. Adults tell them when to wake up, what to eat for dinner, and whether they can watch the movie they want to watch so badly. Sometimes it may seem like children are in control, but they’re not, and they know it.

We, as adults, cannot go back to the innocence of childhood, because we have been so influenced by the world around us. We can, though, recognize that we are in the same situation. So many things around us are completely out of our control, but we can know that God is using it all to accomplish His purposes (Romans 3:23). So, the next time you see a child, look into his or her eyes. See the wonder, the magic, the innocence, the humility of childhood, and strive to duplicate it in your spiritual life. For, without it, we will “by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

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