“4 Steps to Good Bible Study”

“4 Steps to Good Bible Study”





Deuteronomy 6,   God gives commandments to

the Israelites regarding his law. They are to teach the law, and how can they

teach it to their children if they themselves do not know it? In order for us

to learn God’s word, we must study it. Use these 3 tips by Richard Foster when

studying God’s word.


Repetition – who can’t recite a

good ol’ James Sokolove, Geico, or cheesy lawyer commercial? It’s because we

see and hear them all the time. The same is true for both bad and good things.

Repetition works – teach it both day and night!


Concentration – our minds have

the incredible ability to both focus on one singular task or many at one time.

In our world, we are constantly multitasking, but this isn’t always a good

thing. How many times have you seen someone driving, drinking or eating and

talking on the phone all at once? You can’t tell me their focus is on the road!

We need to turn off the phones, T.V.s, and distraction and focus on God’s word.


Comprehension – one reason I

love teaching is the “Eureka” moment when a student finally understands a topic

we are covering. Significant Digits maybe not get the average person excited,

but when I see an 8th grader understand it after a couple of days of

teaching it – it brings joy to my soul. The same is true with God when we

understand his word!



about these 3 principles with your family.